About SafeWhite


billion dollar market

years in the making



patents issued

SafeWhite is committed to advancing the frontiers of teeth whitening by using a patented approach, which combines biocompatible adhesives and food-grade whitening particles in a brand new teeth whitening technology. The global teeth whitening market has long been based on hydrogen peroxide technology, and the industry is ready for additional innovation.

Our first product, a teeth whitening cosmetic, is a completely safe and additive, not subtractive, method of brightening the color of teeth. SafeWhite has patents pending in over 40 countries and issued patents in the US, Australia and South Africa.

Based in Columbus, OH, we are at the crossroads of oral care and beauty, both consumer-centric industries with strongholds in the American Midwest. Our team is currently in the process of commercializing the product we have developed with the guidance and expertise of our world-class advisors and technical experts.