As a Principal Scientist, Dr.Garre is involved in setting up, operating and managing the SafeWhite R&D facility and managing a team of researchers. In addition, he is responsible for the execution of various projects and optimization of research results into commercially scalable processes by establishing and documenting detailed protocols for developing and manufacturing SafeWhite. He is also responsible for presenting successful data and the science behind SafeWhite to a diverse set of stakeholders. Dr.Garre is the scientific lead in working with contract organizations that will scale up and commercialize SafeWhite and its key components.

His research experience includes developing catalysts for fuel cells, application of ionic liquids for asymmetric synthesis, drug design and QSAR studies, and synthesis of chemical probes to study protein-protein interactions. In addition, has experience working with computational programs like AutoDock Vina, PyMol and Gaussian to study protein-protein interactions. His broad spectrum of interdisciplinary research is presented in various peer reviewed journals and conferences and he also serves as a reviewer for several reputed journals.

Before joining Safewhite, Dr.Garre worked at Chemical Abstract Services, a division of American Chemical Society as Quality Assurance analyst to ensure proper functionality of newly-integrated web-based applications incorporated into SciFinder on the Web, a leading repository of global chemical database information widely used in scientific research and industry.

Dr.Garre received his PhD in Organic chemistry from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan and Master of Science in Chemistry from Texas A&M University.