Cosmoprof is an international conference catering to salon professionals, makeup artists, aestheticians, retail buyers, influencers, bloggers, manufacturers, packaging companies, and more.

HaloSmile’s debut at the 2018 conference was situated in the middle of a popular aisle and gained the attention of many attendees. It helped that the Keranique booth had spokesmodels, a HSN host, and celebrities (Hey, Debbie Gibson) conducting live shows every hour, giving the HaloSmile team plenty of crowds to reel in.

The HaloSmile team performed demonstrations of the product as well as applications on select attendees—each time drawing a crowd and resulting in success and bright white smiles after every application.

Many salon professionals stopped by the booth to see what the buzz was about. We received questions about the possibility of in-salon applications and wholesaling as well as kits for them to sell as retail offerings.

Among those stopping by for demonstrations and conversations about future partnerships were QVC, MySale Group, and Home Shopping Europe GmbH (HSE24).

After one demonstration, a woman was so happy with her results that she was nearly in tears—it was the first time in years her aging teeth weren’t yellow.

Throughout the three days of exhibiting, marketing pros stopped by to talk through HaloSmile’s current plan of action and how they could help in the future.

CosmoProf was the perfect forum to introduce HaloSmile to beauty professionals and insiders as well as buyers from large platforms. Every demo ended with amazed onlookers and each buyer that stopped by was intrigued enough to want more meetings.