COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HaloSmile, the first of its kind instant teeth whitening cosmetic product, has launched its first Kickstarter campaign. HaloSmile is utilizing Kickstarter to raise global awareness of its brand within the beauty industry as an oral cosmetic and beauty product that belongs in the routine of everyone looking for a painless and instant way to whiten teeth.

Kickstarter Campaign Overview:

  • Campaign will run until November 22, 2018 (live for 30 days)
  • People can pledge from $29 for a HaloSmile Trial kit containing two treatments, to $399 or more for a Professional HaloSmile Kit containing 60 treatments
  • HaloSmile products are suitable for both personal and professional consumers, who will receive 20% to 45% off the original price when supporting this campaign

HaloSmile creates a light and tasteless white layer over your teeth, while offering added protection from teeth staining consumables such as wine, coffee, and tea. HaloSmile does not change the natural state of the wearer’s teeth, but enhances the brightness of their smile. HaloSmile is for anyone seeking whiter smiles or for special occasions such as dates, interviews, weddings, and photoshoots. It is also a great alternative to peroxide-based solutions for people who experience sensitivity or who have restorations like crowns, implants, or veneers, which are not compatible with peroxide.

  • HaloSmile is primarily made of food grade ingredients and does not contain chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, bleach or alcohol
  • HaloSmile is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO
  • HaloSmile forms a protective layer on top of your teeth, creating a barrier between your teeth and foods or drinks that commonly cause teeth stains
  • A whitening coating typically persists for a day
  • Similar to the art of applying nail polish, HaloSmile works as a brush-on teeth whitener

HaloSmile can be used to complement other whitening products, such as peroxide-based treatments and pens, while you wait for the end results. Most whitening products use forms of hydrogen peroxide which, according to the American Dental Association, can get through the enamel to the soft layer of dentin and irritate the nerves of your teeth. HaloSmile is free of hydrogen peroxide and harsh chemicals.