The Product

When we set out to create SafeWhite, we decided to take a scientific approach to create a teeth whitener that would address the numerous restrictions and drawbacks associated with current teeth whiteners that bleach and may cause sensitivity.


SafeWhite has created a patented teeth whitener that:


Whitens teeth faster than existing products



Makes teeth visibly white in one 30 minute application



Uses safe ingredients found in nature



Is affordable


SafeWhite’s whitening technology contains naturally occurring proteins and uses nature’s own solutions for whitening and binding in wet environments. After years of research and development, we have developed a patented method for combining nature’s ingenious methods for whitening and binding to create our product. SafeWhite binds a whitening agent to teeth in a simple one-step application to create a durable layer that whitens your teeth and brightens your smile! The coating that we create does not damage teeth the way that overuse of peroxide products can.

Our first product iteration is clinically proven to whiten teeth in one fast, effective and easy application. Our next generation product delivers better whitening using technology inspired by nature and without using hydrogen peroxide.

Nearly all the teeth whitening products used today are peroxide-based, which work by bleaching stains both on the tooth surface and below the enamel. There are several problems with peroxide, which are largely overlooked due to the low cost of treatment and the lack of alternatives.

  1. Bleaching takes time – Often extended treatments over days or weeks that produce non- dramatic incremental results.
  2. It’s uncomfortable – When peroxide is concentrated or accelerated, the cost increases and also often results in patient discomfort and sensitivity.
  3. It causes damage over time – Because it needs to be repeated to continue whitening stains, peroxide treatments can cause permanent damage.
  4. Restricted use – Long-term health concerns relating to gum tissue damage from concentrated peroxide have led to peroxide restrictions in places like Europe, Japan and Australia.

However, many people still find peroxide based whiteners to be effective for their personal use. For those people, SafeWhite complements a peroxide-based whitening regimen and can be applied after a peroxide treatment to make your teeth even whiter.

HaloSmile is a new way to get a whiter smile. It’s a unique cosmetic that creates a light and tasteless layer over the surface of your teeth—covering stains instead of removing them. An application is as easy as drying your teeth, brushing on the product, and waiting 2 minutes for it to dry. Within 8 minutes, you can have the whiter smile of your dreams.

HaloSmile is free of harsh chemicals like peroxide or bleach that penetrate, destroy, or change the color of your enamel. And because it’s a layer on the surface of your teeth, it provides a consistent white coating that even works on most restorations—creating an even white appearance.

It lasts through a day of eating, drinking, and brushing. So, it’s perfect for date night, photos, a performance, or just any time you want to look your best!

Bonus? You’ll be protected from red wine and coffee stains while wearing HaloSmile. So, go ahead, have that extra cup o’ Joe. Click here to buy your HaloSmile kit now!

SafeWhite's innovative whitening method adds whitening instead of bleaching away stains. You can achieve visible results in one application without the pain, sensitivity and other issues often associated with peroxide.